Furry Wha? (Written by FurbleFox)

This is a tough one, you ask a dozen furs and you'll probably get a dozen different answers back. I'll try my best to answer this in my own words.


Being known as a fur for just five years now, I speak from my point of view, which may not be that of others but I try to say it as best as I can. Furry is a word that is used to describe who we are. Furries are people with a very good strong connection to their animal side, to their animalistic nature or to the wilder side of life. The way that people associate themselves is as varied as the people who are connected to it and it comes in many different forms, with each person expressing their own way of showing it. The way most furries show this is an attachment to an animal, either mythical or actual by means of anthropomorphism. This can be in many different ways yet again, but the most common way of anthropomorphism is that of a human-animal cross, by a human with animal features. Think of Bugs Bunny or Mickey Mouse and you'll be going down the right lines. There are also quadruped, normal animals, dragons, centaurs and weres like werewolves.


Many people use furry to escape their normal "mundane" lives, to get out and enjoy themselves. Some people use their furriness full on, and actually use it as their lifestyle altogether. The reason why is that to a human the life of an animal is simple. No worries, no bills, no stress from work, nothing. People relate to animals easily and furriness is a good way of us doing so.


We all show it in different ways. Some of us wear fursuits, some of us go out and do bodypainting and facepainting. Some of us draw and some people just like to escape to furriness by talking online to other furs, going to furmeets or even in books. Some adopt it as a lifestyle and even growl down the telephone or stretch out in the sun much like a cat. Most people who like animals and feel a strong attachment to others probably are furs. They just don't know it.


I, Myself like to think I am a fox. I like to think i'm similar in many ways. I'm smart, sly and very intelligent. I like to get what I want, yet at the same time, have a happy life doing so. I enjoy going to meet other furs. To me it's a hobby and a lifestyle, to others it can be different.


Well, I hope that has enlightened you. Enjoy the rest of the site!

Published on  July 15th, 2016