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Football Clubs

Football Clubs are among the most talked-about topics in football. The clubs are celebrated by dedicated fans that want to stay up to date on all the latest gossip and news around the club’s ticket prices, new training kits, and more. We strive to provide all relevant details on the various clubs that are active in the UK. For all need-to-know details on your favourite football clubs, visit Northern Furs Magazine frequently.

Events and Activities

Football events and activities are not just about watching a match or competition. There are many other ways to enjoy football other than watching your favourite teams challenge each other. The UK is full of historical football destinations and activities to take part in, and we cover the basics of the perfect guide for footballers through the UK.

Whether going for a drink at a legendary football sports bar or visiting the Wembley stadium, find out about all the activities available for footballers around the UK.

Matches and Competitions

With matches and championships happening throughout each year, there are always games to witness. Whether on television or in person, there are many matches to watch. We cover stories on all upcoming matches as well as historical moments that happened with football events in the UK.

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