Which Football Clubs are ‘Sure-bets’ in UEFA

When betting on football, it’s not just important to look at the specific players and club, a bettor also needs to consider the exact championships and where it is played. The UEFA Champions League is one of the largest championships in international football and should be considered the best league to bet on.

Here we look at the clubs who perform best in the UEFA, which almost categorizes them as sure bets in sports betting.

Real Madrid – Have won 14 UEFA Titles

Real Madrid is one of the most appreciated football clubs in the world. The club has dominated the championships and won 4 out of every three trophies between 2013 and 2018. This proves just how talented the club is, making them a club worth betting on any day. Although they went through a bit of a difficult few seasons, they came back as champions in 2021/2022.

AC Milan – Have won 7 UEFA Titles

AC Milan has been awarded 7 champions league trophies. Their most recent win was in 2007, making their last win a long stretch from today. Yet the club has talented layers, and when betting on large championships, it’s not just about which club is going to win.

Liverpool FC – Have won 6 UEFA Titles

Liverpool is well-loved by many fans and has won 6 UEFA championship titles, and has some of the most talented players. Bettors should remember that they did win a championship in 2019 with 2 points making them a valid club to bet on in the championship leagues.

These clubs are all great choices for betting on the UEFA Championship league and can bring the odds to your side of the game. Whether betting or gaming, make sure you get free bonus rounds given by Karamba.