How to Experience Football History and Sportsmanship In London

Football is big in London, and that means there’s a lot of nostalgia, passion, and even more activities for those with love for football to partake in. Going to historical football bars, going for a match, visiting historical arenas, this guide provides all the details necessary for a great football trip through London.

Table Football at Bar Kick

What better to do as a warm-up before the game or for playing in the bar than table football, real traditional football activity in the UK. All over the UK, football fans opt to go to Bar Kick in Shoreditch, which stands as the home of table football in London. The bar has over 20 tables across two floors, making it quite an entertaining outing. Perfect for a night out after a winning match.

Riley’s Sports Bar

Riley’s sports bar is quite famous among football fans in the UK and especially in London. Although London is rich with great bars to go to for watching football, Riley’s is seen as a historical spot for all football fans in the UK. The bar has over 50 screens for fans to enjoy the game from everywhere in the bar.

Play at Powerleague

London is rich with various pitches, but the Powerleague pitches around London are among the best for a proper game. The size of the pitches is perfect for 12 players in total, and a pitch can be hired by the hour. They have many locations around London and stand as the perfect venue for a quick game or to make a day of it.

The most popular among football fans are the locations in Shoreditch which have a bar for you to enjoy after the practice or game with friends.

Pay a Tribute by visiting Wembley Stadium

The Pilgrimage’s dream destination. Wembley is single-handedly the most important destination for football fans and the history of the sport. The stadium was rebuilt in 2007 with a capacity of 90 000 spectators, the arena hosts all England Home games as well as important finals such as the Premier League and playoffs.

Making use of these activities will contribute greatly to a football trip and provide tourists and visitors to London alike a great experience of football history and passion.