The Rise and Fall of Premier League Ticket Prices

Football tickets have always been on the expensive side of outings and or not easily obtained by anyone who wants to look at a game. This can be worrisome as some of the club’s biggest fans can’t afford to support their teams at the arenas.

One of the leagues that are hiking their prices includes the Premier League, which has been rising quite significantly while Britain’s are already dealing with living costs. With the rise in football ticket prices, the hunger for attending these events after covid restrictions is extremely difficult to resist as fans want to see their favourite clubs play the game.

Out of 20 of the premier league clubs, 11 of them have increased their season ticket prices on a large scale. This is seen as the highest ticket price inflation in nearly 40 years. With the majority of these clubs raising the price of the cheapest tickets, others have kept the more expensive season tickets the same. These clubs include Liverpool and Manchester United.

When looking at the more affordable tickets, Arsenal has the priciest cheap ticket available, with the lowest-priced season ticket costing £927.

On the brighter side, Manchester United have decided to keep their current price of £30 intact for match tickets for the next three seasons. This benefits fans of the club a great deal and will help more fans to be able to attend.

With the UK inflation sitting at a 40-year high of a rate of 9%, it can be understood that prices will be going up. This is largely due to gas and energy bills reaching a record high. Oil and gas prices have been affected the most by the latest inflation and do only make the tickets more expensive but also for fans to travel to away matches. Even prices with coaches to get to the games have gone up a lot due to inflation.

With ticket prices seemingly becoming more expensive by the day, fans are in hopes that more clubs will choose to keep their prices standard.