The Most Popular UK Football Clubs

Football clubs are almost more popular than the sport itself and can be seen with the passion and dedication fans have for their teams. Teams are well known for their kit colours and are celebrated by their fans for their talent and love for the game.

The teams that are showcased in this article are among the most popular with fans in the UK.

Manchester United

Manchester United is well-known for being one of the most popular football clubs around the world. The team comes from Old Trafford in England. The club is well known for its football kits, with are worn by fans around the world. They won the FIFA World Cup in 2008.


Chelsea is one of many London-based football clubs that have gained international acclaim in sports and are among the favourites throughout the UK. The club won the 2020/2021 UEFA Champions League when they played against Manchester City. Overall, they won two European cups, various UEFA Cups, and one FIFA Club World Cup. They are especially celebrated for being the first and only London club to win the Champions League.


Arsenal is one of the best British football clubs performance-wise. They have so far won 14 titles in the FA Cup and have won the Premier League Championship 13 times. The club is especially popular with football fans from London, with many fans wearing Arsenal-branded shirts and jackets to show their support for the club.


Liverpool has won many major and domestic trophies throughout the years. They are well known for their 2019 win of the FIFA World Cup Title, which was also their first big win. In the same year of their big win, they also won the UEFA Super Cup and the UEFA Championships League.

Manchester City

Manchester City were the runner ups to the UEFA Champions League 2020-2021 and stands as the fifth most successful club in English football and the second most successful club in the Premier League. The club has thousands of fans in the UK and brings dedication and passion to the field.

With these clubs being among the most popular in the UK, they also have a large following across the world for being talented players with a dedication to the game.