Welcome to Northern Furs

If you know who we are then that's cool. If not and you've just stumbled across us, feel free to browse about, read the "Furry?" page and contact us with any questions you might have, via the "contact us" page.

The "core" NorthernFurs area stretches from Carlisle and Newcastle-upon-Tyne right down to the likes of Hull, Sheffield, Manchester and Chester, making for quite a diverse geographical area. Although our meets are in the North, our members spread all over the world.

We hope you enjoy your visit here. If not, let us know what troubled you during your stay. If you did enjoy your time here, and you'd like to talk to us, feel free to join us in the #NorthernFurs channel on the Furnet IRC network:





Apologies for the basic look of the site. We will aim to improve this as time goes on. The old site was very broken and so we've started from scratch through a site that was left to us in disrepair.

Published on  July 16th, 2016